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First release of TBlock GUI

We are excited to announce that TBlock GUI is finally stable! After a year of development, our GTK-based user interface is now available on all the most popular GNU/Linux distributions. Support for Windows and macOS will come later, since it requires more work and testing. Having a GUI was a dream that we had the day we started developing TBlock, so we are really proud of it, and it was really worth the effort.

TBlock now has its own domain name

We finally decided to purchase the domain TBlock was a little project that started in 2021. Now, its community keeps growing every day. The software is being translated in languages other than English, and a graphical user interface will be available soon. As the project was growing bigger, the desire to have its own domain name was also growing. So, we decided to purchase one! As of today, the website of the project can be accessed at tblock.